Q: What is RvBTO?

An annual fan event centred around the popular web-series, Red vs Blue and its community. It is held in Toronto, Ontario, every summer.

Q: What does RvBTO mean?

The acronym stands for Red vs Blue: Toronto.

Q: What happens at RvBTO?

A few different activities are usually planned to keep guests busy for the weekend. In past years, we’ve held pub nights, group paintball, a LAN, a scavenger hunt, and a BBQ. We take the feedback from previous years to make each consecutive RvBTO even better.

Q: Who runs RvBTO?

A small Toronto volunteer committee plans RvBTO every year. Each person is responsible for one or more aspects of planning the event. To send us any questions or comments, please visit the Contact Us page.

Q: Who goes to RvBTO?

People who attend the event range in age from 10 years old to 50 years old. We’ve hosted people from Canada, the United States, and as far as Austrailia. About 80% of our audience is made up of people from outside Toronto.

Q: Can I volunteer for RvBTO?

We are always interested in recruiting more volunteers to help out for RvBTO. There are many ways you can help out the event, whether it’s by donating money, or helping to distribute flyers in your neighborhood. Please click on the Volunteering link in the sidebar for more information.

Q: I have an idea for an activity on the weekend of RvBTO, who do I send it to?

We would love to hear what ideas you have! Send all ideas, comments, and suggestions to info@rvbto.ca or visit the Comments link located in the sidebar.

Q: Is RvBTO appropriate for all ages?

Yes. However, we do not assume responsibility for anyone under the age of 18 years old and we recommend that they be accompanied by an adult. Please be advised that the show Red vs Blue contains violence, foul language, and adult situations. Parents and guardians are encouraged to preview the show at www.redvsblue.com. Attendees of legal drinking age will have access to alcohol at the pub after the screening and photo ID will be required for every person attending.

Q: How can I receive updates for RvBTO?

The easiest way to receive updates for RvBTO is to subscribe to our newsletter. Please click the Newsletter link located on the sidebar to sign up now. You can also check the Updates box located on our homepage.

Rooster Teeth

Q: What is Rooster Teeth?

Rooster Teeth Productions is a company founded by Michael “Burnie” Burns. Burnie and his team are responsible for creating the popular machinima series, Red vs Blue. Rooster Teeth is based out of Austin, Texas.

Q: Will people from Rooster Teeth be present?

Yes. Every year we have different Rooster Teeth staff members attending RvBTO. Please visit the Guest Bios page to see the special guests we’ve confirmed for this year.

Q: Is RvBTO sponsored by Rooster Teeth?

No. We are a fan-run and fan-funded event that exists to show our support of Red vs Blue and its community. Rooster Teeth participates in the event, but does not directly sponsor it.

Q: Can I do a voice for Red vs Blue?

Maybe. Why don’t you ask them? Go to www.redvsblue.com and check out their FAQ to find your answer.


Q: Where can I stay for the weekend if I’m coming from outside Toronto?

There are several affordable places to stay in the Toronto area. Please click the link for recommended Hotels & Hostels located in the sidebar. We keep the information updated to make it easy for you.