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The RvBTO Survival Guide

If after reading the survival guide you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send an email to

1. Bring comfortable shoes

When planning RvBTO, we try to make sure that most of the venues are walking distance from each other. Toronto is a very walking-friendly city. You can take public transit everywhere, but let’s be honest, the less money you spend on transit, the more you can spend buying souvenirs for your family. You did plan to get them something, right? How about an RvBTO t-shirt? It makes a great gift for grandma.

2. Alcohol

Know your limit, folks. If you drink too much, you’re not going to have that many memories of what turns out to be an awesome weekend every year. The legal drinking age in the province of Ontario is 19. RvBTO welcomes those that are under age, but they will not be allowed to drink at any RvBTO events.

3. Save Money

RvBTO happens every summer. Sadly, the most common theme we hear from people is that they are really looking to attend RvBTO, but cannot afford to. Don’t let yourself be this person. In fact, why not start saving for RvBTO 2011 as soon as RvBTO 2010 ends! The earlier you start putting some money away, the better. This is also true for accommodations and flights, as, generally, the sooner you book a flight or hotel, the cheaper it is going to be.

4. Extend yourself

Don’t be afraid to say hello to someone you’ve never met before. While it is always cool to meet the people on your friends list, take a moment to say hello to someone you didn’t know existed until you met them in Toronto. Some of the best RvBTO stories every year start with “So I just met this guy/girl…”

5. Know the weather

Contrary to popular belief, RvBTO is not held in a wifi-enabled igloo. Toronto tends to be hot and humid in the summer. The RvBTO staff recommends checking the weather online when you’re packing your clothes, because really, folks, there’s no point in wearing pants if you don’t have to (bring shorts!).

6. Watch us

You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and, of course, this friendly website right here to help with all your RvBTO related needs. You can also watch past events unfold on Youtube. Just do a simple search for RvBTO and see what happens at a typical RvBTO event. It should help you prepare adequately.

7. Need a ride or a room?

The RvBTO group on Red vs. has threads specifically designed to help! Whether it’s people looking to split a hotel room for the weekend, or share a cab from the airport, there are tonnes of very easy ways to save you some money.

8. Coming Early or Staying Late?

While RvBTO itself lasts a weekend, plenty of people decide to make a summer vacation out of it. There are always tonnes of things to do in Toronto during the summer, and plenty of unofficial events going on both before and after the official RvBTO dates of July 31st and August 1st.

9. Budget

So you’ve made it to Toronto! We’re glad to have you in our fair city, but now you have to think about what to spend your money on. There are many great places to eat cheaply in Toronto, and you can ask your concierge or an RvBTO staff member for some nice places close to your hotel. As cool as it might be, you also probably shouldn’t buy that CN Tower replica made entirely out of maple syrup. Save some cash by getting in on the RvBTO t-shirt pre-orders instead!

10. Print out the schedule page of

This may sound a bit weird, but due to enhanced security between the American and Canadian borders, it always helps to have proof of the event that you are attending. The less time you spend in lines at customs or trying to drive across the border, the better.

11. Alcohol!… Wait, Alcohol again?

Sounds strange that this would come up twice, but we have been told that some RvBTO attendees have a snifter of brandy to help them get to sleep at night.  As alcohol sales are government regulated, there are only two stores (but thankfully, more than two locations) where you can buy alcohol: LCBO, and The Beer Store.

12. Want to Help?

RvBTO is run entirely by volunteers, who do put out their own cash to help make it such a great event. If you would like to donate, we would sincerely appreciate it. If you think you could lend a hand during the event, then click on our Volunteer link and let us know. There are a number of benefits to being an RvBTO volunteer.

Video Contest


  • Eligibility
  • How to Enter
  • Winner Selection
  • Disclaimer

This year’s contest is different than most, so please read the contest rules carefully!We want to hear your best voice impressions of ANY character or characters from any Rooster Teeth series or miniseries (examples: Red vs Blue, The Strangerhood, 1-800-Magic, PANICS, RvB: Out of Mind). Just videotape yourself doing a voice impression of one or more characters and email the video to us at along with a list of the characters you are imitating.Videos larger than 10MB must be sent using a file delivery service such as YouSendIt or SendFile.We are not expecting perfection, but we are anticipating lots of fun, so go wild with this contest! We will take the best entries and use them to create a montage video to be screened at RvBTO. The creators of the three best imitations will be asked to step forward to participate in a live debate in front of our audience. The debate question is: Red or Blue? Our goal is to have fun, so it won’t matter if your argument makes sense, if you’re consistent, or if you switch views part way through the debate! After the debate, a winner will be chosen through popular vote by the audience. If an entrant does not wish to participate in the live debate, it must be clearly stated in the entry email. The last thing we want is for people to feel uncomfortable about this contest, so if you don’t want to do it, you don’t have to.The Grand Prize will consist of Rooster Teeth merchandise. The other debate participants will also recieve prizes yet to be determined. The full contest rules are below:


This contest is open to any RvBTO 2008 attendee who is 14 years of age or older at the time of entry. Volunteers of RvBTO are not eligible to enter or win.

Contest Period:

This contest begins at 12:01am ET on February 1, 2008, and ends at 11:59pm on June 1, 2008. Odds of your entry being selected depend on the number of entries received.

How to Enter:

You must email a video of yourself imitating any character or characters from any Rooster Teeth series or miniseries. If the video is larger than 10MB, it must be sent using a file delivery service such as YouSendIt or SendFile . A list of the characters you are imitating must be included with the email.

Winner Selection:

On or around June 14, 2008, winners will be selected from among all eligible entries recieved during the contest period. The best entries will be used in a video montage to be screened at RvBTO 2008. Only the creators of those entries used in the montage video will be notified via email. Three winning entrants will be asked to come forward for voluntary participation in a debate in front of a live audience. If an entrant does not wish to take part in the debate, this must be clearly stated in the entry email.Immediately after the debate, a Grand Prize winner will be selected by popular vote from our live audience. The Grand Prize is official Rooster Teeth merchandise that will be made available to RvBTO during the June 27-29, 2008 weekend. Prizes for the remaining winning entrants are yet to be determined.


If you are interested in volunteering your time to the event, please send an email to to request more information. Please note that you must either be a resident of the Greater Toronto Area, or you must have already purchased your ticket to RvBTO. We must insist that if you make a committment, you are able to live up to it. Therefore, we ask you not to volunteer for anything you are not sure you can commit to.Some examples of things we could use volunteers for include:collecting tickets at the doorrunning errands as they ariseanswering the questions of attendeesproviding artwork to promote the eventassisting with advertising in your area…and more!